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I am the founder of netBlazr Inc., a radically new form of wireless ISP. Our motto: Free your broadband! Check us out. Previously I was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Natural MicroSystems and NMS Communications.  After NMS was split up and sold off, I consulted to Dialogic as their Chief Strategy Officer for most of 2009.

The older content in this blog (April 2005–December 2008) was written while I was CTO at NMS Communications, but focuses on my personal interests much more than on NMS business and at least some of it appears to be of continuing interest.

As for my background, I have a long history with telecom and the Internet, beyond what's mentioned in my LinkedIn bio. I entered the telecom industry when some friends and I started  Natural MicroSystems in 1983. (It's true, there were also some college-era telephony activities :-), but you'd have to buy me a beer to learn about those). I only got serious about the Internet in the early 1990s, but I've been heavily involved in VoIP since 1996 and I've benefited from the views of several friends and acquaintances who can rightfully be considered Internet pioneers. Finally, despite my engineering origins, I've been speaking and writing on industry subjects for many years and I keep getting invited back, so hopefully there's some value in some of the things I have to say. If you want more insight into what I think I'm doing with a blog, the first paragraph of my original Welcome post is still relevant, if you want a bit more on what I deeply believe in, see this early post entitled Passion, and finally, if you want more biography, I was featured on the cover of the January 2006 issue of VON magazine with an associated interview that goes into my origins and interests at great length.